Day after day,
The things come back to real;
Gonna hide behind of computers and games
Living in a hole of magazines
Prisoners of shame, of technology
Just play this game
And don't see anything in a world of chips

Empty mind
Open your eyes for your lies
Empty mind
Don't hide behind yourself
Empty mind
Open your eyes for your lies
Empty mind

The half that I meet of your life
Has some crazy dreams
That one thousand of cocaine
Don't give me
Listen the scream of freedom
Kick the ass of society
You love to hate and
Don't waste more time with your lies

Welcome to my nightmare
Feel the agony
In the land of lies
And hypocrisy
Just open your eyes
And shouldn't be a slave

Only the strange will survive
When all people are sick
But I'm so I'm
Walking on yourself blood
Consumed of greed
But I'm so I'm

I'm not for sale
I'm not your slave
Some guys open their eyes
To see some reality
That you hide
Behind in your ass

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