Stay out!

I don't pray for you here
And you didn't pay my soul
Make me see black clouds
In some days of sun

Going on my wrong ways
Releasing anger,
Living for my animal instinct
Run, slaughter, I'm your worst dream
Or I'm a Devil
(In Person)

Saying the world don't like me
But what you make to move this?
In the next time that you'll say this
Write this in a paper and eat it

Don't insisting in believe
That the things are hard to me
And the days is full too
You fuck me, burn me
But I just say
I prefer to burn
Under the sun

Stay out!

My hostility is great for you,
Into your reasoning
I only see you scream
You screaming good bye!

Live in this context
In my internal battlefield
Here I don't need more you
And I fuck with you, mother fucker

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