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Dark Depth


[Obscurity bonus]

I walk with heavy steps
Fear flows through my body
Peal of thunder screams in my ears
I feel pain!
My legs stiffly stand
Dark eyes stick out from the depth
Claws of steel of damned spectre
They run to me like death!

In the house of Canterville
Girl starts to pray:
"Oh Lord, let the ghost come here
To take my tears away."
"When a golden girl can win
Words to god from lips of sin
When a lifeless tree fruit bears
And girl gives away her tears
(Then shall all the house be still)"

Black house of black demons
Of century-old dark family
I can smell stale air
Of damaged unfeeling
Now I'm entering inside
Into this freakfull depth
But someone is behind
And I feel his breath!

Memories from the childhood `
And struggle with my mind
This is the dark house
From which I cannot hide
Hell with a Devil inside myself
Death is black and it's so near
I must go back 'cause if I don't
I will taste more than just fear!

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