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Life Is Just A Dream...


[Obscurity bonus]

Old man is walking before my eyes
He is a blind man with a child beside
Scream of a child is in my ears
We must run, we must hide
We know Death is near
And we know we have to die
Unbearable is the sound of the war
Rage is bigger every bloody day
I can hear: "Why? What for?"
But I don't know what to say!

Life is just a dream... On the way to death
We are on the way to death
Do you feel it's breath
We are on the way to die
Do you hear their cry?
I had a dream about something called life
In which no one says: "You must die!"
I had a dream about something that doesn't exist
Life is just a dream and we cannot resist!

On my hands is laying a dead life
Blood is everywhere, everywhere around
Shitly heroes are now satisfied
Do you hear this caustic sound?
Will the children always hide?
Will they ever play around!
Unaided people run to the edge
The edge of their poor lives
This is their punishment
The place for them to die!

Old man is lying before my eyes
He is a dead man and there's no one around
Obscurity now leads our lives
Blackened is the world now
Squad of peace died in this fight
Can you tell me how?
Under the sky sorrow never ends
Rapid kills are destroying the vows
Now I'm alone on the field of death
Still the wind from the north blows!

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