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Head Over Heels


The Firm, Trackmasters, Escobar, Allure Keep it raw!
A-yo the bridge keep rockin
we comin through bottles popin
Allure when your album droppin?
the place is packed many faces
of some I know and some know me from buyin cases
cash stack shorty peepin
Is she Puerto Rican or half black?
puff puff dib I need to live please pass that
as we zone shoot a jewel in baby girl dome
It's a crazy world let me drop you home let's go
by the way the names Esco,
the platnium Range make your man know we wet those
if he front I got the tech close
to you much respect goes
I want you had to put it on you
Allure you you gotta leave I'll call you
It's been real

Boy I can't understand it
See I never really felt like I do
when I'm around you baby
And i just can't explain it
but I'm feeling so high
And I just can't deny it's so new

Tell me you want my love
Baby please don't deny what your feeling inside
Say you've been thinking of
Holding me, Touching me, Filling my every needs

Head over Heels
it seems so real
It feels like I'm falling in love
I'm lost inside
You're my desire
Oh baby can't you see
I'm falling for you head over heels

Baby, Baby I'm longing,
just to have you to myself
I don't want nobody else
Baby my body's calling
Won't you come get my love
because I really need you so much

Tell me you want me love
baby please don't deny
what you feeling inside
say you've been thinking of
holding me, touching me, filling me every needs

So whats the problem
You know you like the way I act
You been around real cats
all your life since way back
you still got it cause you was turned out once
guess you learned ain't no future with them burnt out stunts
Left the hood to get your own thing
with home team
Pushin through watchin gleam,
Yeah I-ight you probably heard
that my pipe game tight
rockin PBS stones powerful whips with egg headlights
scent of weed gettin all in your weave
I put out the trees
and crack the moon roof
only for you to breath
You get an extra set of keys
I tell the world while I'm out on tour
Keep your hands off my girls

Say you've been thinkin of
I'm falling for you head over heels


Falling, Falling, Falling...

(ad libs)

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Composição: Jay-Z / Jeffrey Cohen / Lincoln Chase / Mariah Carey / Narada Michael Walden / Shirley Elliston. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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