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Give You All I Got


Yo, met this piece by the name of Cherise
She had a fly 190 resting in Jones Beach
You know when we be kickin' everyday cliche
Yo Boo can I poly with you
What! Make my day
She threw her chin up in the air
Said Yeah
Your style is played out black like last year
What do you mean, Hu!
You know what I mean Dunn
Calling me Dunn had me open like I was the one
What did I have on God Guard or Claiborne
You know you had that rugged type of shit on Raekwon
Maybe I'll talk a bit kick a few words and shit
But you drove off in some Nissan phat shit
Givin' me bad looks, lookin' like made crooks
If I was a purse downtown I woulda been took
Yeah from robsters, but you look like mobsters
Smokin that weed had me nauseous like Rastas

When we're together
You blow my mind, uh huh
You have a way about ya
That keeps me satisfied
(Whatcha want)
All I want to do is give you all I got

1 - If I give you all I got
Would you be there for me baby
All I got
And if I keep you close to me
Would you give me everything I need
The way I want it to be
That's how it should be

I wanna be there for you boy
In every way
I just gotta tell you how
You take my breath away
Oh I wanna let you know

2 - When you walked into my life
Walked into my life
I get this feeling you brought my world alive
And I'm going crazy, my head is in a daze
And you amaze me boy
Why don't you stay

Repeat 1

Yo, she's a fly fabulous bird
From out of nowhere
We bungalo dolo in lowgear
Free paraola. The whole year
Now acknowledge me God mentality
Fly firmality
Cut out on me and kidnapping half of your salary
We movin' like this, for real now
Shut down your will power, flower
Whatever you doing
Don't respect ours
Slidin' my work to the next man
Still I'm givin' you props
Now gets your karats on the next hand

Repeat 2

Repeat 1 until fade

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Composição: C. Woods / G. Pearson / Jean Claude Poke Olivier / S. Barnes / T. Robinson. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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