I'll wait on the night side
No one tells me where i should go
I'll wait on the night side
i'm awake and nobody knows
I'll wait on the night side

There's a party at the edge of town
And everyone is going down
To the prettiest place
Where the glitter and lace are on
I will go there another day, another day
To make my way

See the painting on the wall
Press a button and i'll make it fall
When it shatters to tears
On the previous years alone
Goes the frame,
Oh it's such a shame, it's such a shame
But who can blame her after all

With the skeletons of happy clowns
And smaller girls with bigger sons
I'm a little intrigued by the people i chase around
Through the town,
They will crush you when you make a sound
You make a sound

Is it over when the light comes in?
When everything begins to spin
And the memories show that the people they go away
Far away
Do you say the words you wanna say
To make them stay?

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