Welcome to the home of the blackest hell
A decrepit old town with a rotten smell
The fish always bite but the rain won't cease
Just make the sacrifice and stay away from Devil Reef
The people are possessed by a blight obscene
As time passes by they speak by only gurgling
When the gills have grown and it's time to move on
Return to Mother Hydra and the Father Dagon

Secrecy, loyalty, breeding insanity
Loathsome, unwholesome, proliferate the Innsmouth Look

The unblinking eyes and their roughly skinned necks
Now cause my skin to crawl and my mind to be vexed
The only sanity comes from the drunkard of the town
He tells me of dark rituals and citizens' crown
Later on that evening as I try to fall asleep
I am petrified to realize someone's after me
Busting through the doors, jumping to the streets below
Descend into unknown horror none should ever know

The Order of Dagon, Innsmouth's blasphemy
Perverted grace, follow the deep ones

Greyish green color, their stomachs, the palest white
Staring, emotionless faces, unflinching eyes
Croaking and moaning their voices, so horrible
Hateful, this vision, these creatures deplorable
Ghoulish, unnerving, this evil without restraint
Torment, of terror, my senses begin to fade

The Order of Dagon, Innsmouth's monstrosities
Abhorrent grace, return to the sea

As I awaken nearly at the end of night
There is no one else around but that doesn't ease my fright
The cobblestone streets are decaying like the air
I'm finally escaping from depravity's lair
Authority won't realize what I've said is true
Locking me away forever, if they only knew
Alone I wait in asylum, madness taking hold
I can find my last salvation hanging from a rope

Atrocious, odius, malignant absurdity
Lunacy, lucidity, I see the Deep Ones in my dreams

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