Inspiration and conformity
Are two completely different things
But somehow you can't seem to see
The difference in these words' meanings
Black and white it seems to me
The borders of originality
I find it strange that it's come to be
The sheep will tolerate such mediocrity

I never thought I would see the day
It would be so rare to have something to say
So I'm a freak because the metal I play?
I'd rather not be normal anyway
Selling out just to get paid
Never believing a note you play
Bottled anger and childish hate
I don't give a shit about a word you say

Why is it metal you claim
Your only objective is fame
Never achieve a useful thought
Because your intergrity's bought

Lethargic complacency
Disabled creativity
Content with hypocrisy
Mind numbing stupidity

Why is it metal you claim
Your only ambition is fame
When you achieve what you sought
You realize that your fame is gone

Don't try to reclaim your roots
They've been destroyed by you
Never forget you'll always be
A brainless thoughtless sheep


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