And we tried to give up
With different eyes
We have seen
But we cut our wings
With our own hands

Laughed at our own sadness
Cause is too easy to be sad,
Too difficult to be happy
You know
And maybe something can take us
To a perfect condition
To understand all this shit

And everyday our desire
Is to return to our prison
And follow the line of a sick brain

Our voice is trapped
In a river of whispers
Our walls are nice and pleasant,
We love their lovely cold touch
To swallow in our

Scarred melancholic solitude

We are not inspired to
We're not really inspired to
We don't really care to
We don't really think of
We are not capable to
We don't really enjoy to
We don't really like to
Be something!!

And maybe showing our emotions
It's only a way to hide our true selves

Come on Let's go!
Doors are closing
I am trapped inside
I control this situation
From the dark of my condition
I'm the ruler of my future
I'm not trapped, this is me: free!

Go now, fuck you all!
Blood runs down the wall
Time and time I tried to go
Against these walls I broke my soul

Scared now I escape
I realize this dream of mind
Lost and naked here I come
Sorry man… I prefer my hole

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