Oblivion rest in my arms, doors slam me outside
Time plays his notes, for me like pulses of life
Time slowly decays when this houses are changing again
Tunes of their hate are calling me
Our shell is broken my friend, I say
Imprint what you see, before they shut your eyes

The enemy watches me
As in life I fight a battle that
I've not chosen
Gone blank eyes
In the desert that dries my mouth
I understand that I've killed
I've killed

And I see the hands of my mother
My hands shake the faces of my beloved…
…ones, these are only pictures
And in this sad story fate laughs

Now I'm a murder…
Blackened rays flow in this streets
I'm here, nothing seems the same
Something is missing, is this real or
Just the incarnation of what I've done?

And I see…

Echoes of vanished lights
I breathe a dissolved life
And it's only mine
Nothing has a purpose

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