To play (to play) defense of the ancients one must have (must have) some

To all you laggers and leavers
I'd love to chase you with daggers and cleavers
Chop you up and throw you in a bag with the cheaters
And have your clan find you gagging and bleeding

Don't join if you don't plan on stayin,
It makes people wanna slam your face in
So hard it could turn ham to bacon
Sorry if this man's mistaken
But i'll beat your ass til my hands are shakin

If you need more beef
I am the war chief
Put my hoof in your toosh
And unsheath in your teeth
With my double bladed axe i slice your ass til you collapse,
Thanks to you i'll get myself a heart of tarrasque,
In glory we bask,
The better i am, the longer i last

No matter your strat, no matter your hero,
I'll leave you flat feelin like level zero,

My choice of the day is grade a meat, haven't been beat, you're in for a
Treat, one of the elite, a repeat offender that rarely retreats, if i
Ever lose, they barely defeat, and if i win, dicks press control alt
Delete, but i repeat, i'm just too concrete

From tauren to pudge to tiny to axe,
You're gonna get beat so why do you ask,
Juggernaut to riki don't even try to dick m,
Phantom assassin blink attackin leavin me laughing i'm pumpin your ass
And still gettin no action

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