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Better Watch Out

Ant And Dec

She was a girl, God only knows,
I used to love her from her head to the tip of her toes
She had a way,
Yeah boy I bet that if you met her you would never ever forget
I tried my luck, I came unstuck
Her brothers came and they kicked me to 'Aoowol'

Better watch out, they're after you,
la la la la la...

Her sister told me 'Don't hesitate,
You picked the wrong girl and boy you made a big mistake'
She grabbed my hand and rolled her eyes
'Meet me in an hour for a Mmmm little surprise'
I went ahead, did as she said,
Her brothers came back and caught us lying in 'Aoowol'

And now those girls, it's all too late,
I've had a good time
And now they've passed their sell-by date
I'm moving on to pastures new,
Just one more line and my story is totally nearly through
I'll get another, I'll meet a mother and
I'll make sure she hasn't got a brother

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