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Ant And Dec

Yeah, you are my girlfriend,
My only best friend
Shining like a bright star,
You took so long to find
Wanna do what lovers do?
Kiss, cuddle, mm I'm here to please you
They think we're young but girl that don't mean a thing,
Cos nothing can fill me like the love you bring
We can talk, we can walk and share a joke in the park,
But when we're alone the love and games will start

You took so long to find
You are my best friend
So soft and tender
No one compares with you
And now you are my girlfriend

Should I lay you down or is it all too much?
I'll take you in my arms so soft and gentle to my touch,
Yeah, I'll be so gentle, I won't cause you pain,
The way I feel right now I wanna go all the way
Do you think we should? I know we should,
Our love is strong,
A deeper understanding girl
Our love is not wrong,
My one and only


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