In the rush of modern times, a new divinity
Is whispering these words to us
"Run, run to the light at the end of the tunnel
Don't look back and forget the whole past"

Our notion of time is getting sucked up by a black hole
Second after second the modern world overwhelms us
As if it was guided by a thread
We are the marionettes of time
It synchronises the acts and gestures
Crystallises and breaks our memories

In this psychological enslavement
Our spiritual quest becomes sterile
The light in the eyes of our guardian angel is dying
Their colourless stare foretold nothing but Apocalypse
In this rush towards the void
Can you possibly have a new perspective?

Will the revelation come to you
Regenerate your brain?

Lost in this maze of the soul
The light of evil will come to you and guide you

So now the equation of our existence is infinite
The bodies are getting divided from the spirits
The subtraction of the soul to zero
Will condemn us to a total annihilation.

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