Foto do artista Anthemon

Weight of the Feather


They're alone finished with their holy task.
Still I can't find peace,
I know what will remain within me.
I know the weight of the feather and that it means... "Damnation".
Soon enough Ammut will have her feast
As my heart is corrupted with Sin.
Power drove me to the edge of Decadence and I've crossed it sometimes
"I didn't make evil.
I didn't commit violence...
I didn't lie. I didn't fornicate..."
How could I lie before this God's assembly?
My soul will never be as light as the feather, fear stars to invade each cell of my primal being.
Guilt "distillates" its venom through my veins.
I rise above it all. I know too well
The weight of the Feather.

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