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Tokyo Love Song

The Arrogant Worms

I had a love that was so bright.
I used to dream of her each night
and then rush to her side every morning(owww)
i had her all to myself, we never noticed anyone else.
we didn't even hear the radio warnings,

Our love was no joke, you know it was the talk of downtownTokyo,
we'll be happy forever i promised her,
but just as i proposed, her feet were made to touch her nose asshe was crushed
by a Japanese monster.

ahhh, ahhh, ahhhh, AHHHHHH GODZILA!

CHORUS: Our love was so true, but now shes 3"2,
and she used to be 5"11
her death was unintentional, but now shes 2 dimentional
my angel is truly in heaven.

she was the one i kissed and hugged 'till she was crushed like abug

i guess its hard to see a monster above you,
she said she'd save her heart for me, but now its there for allto see,
and her last words to me were i lo-AHHHHHH!


take it george!

she was young(so young)
and sweet(so sweet)
but now shes part(shes part)
of the street(the street)

and i want (so much) to have her back (come back)
so i'll take a party knife so I can scrape her from thecracks...

my angel is truly in heaven
my angel is truly in he-A-ven

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