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In the forest there's a stillness which looks like me
In every shadow throughout the dark there's my home
In every life and in every death you can see my sign

In the forest there's a wolf who looks like me
I am howling at the moon but I am voiceless
I am frozen by the winds, devoured by the storm

In the forest there's a hawk who looks like me
I am flying through the sky but I am lifeless
I am burned by the blazing breath, drowned in black ash

In the forest there's an owl who looks like me
I am gazing to the stars but I cannot see
I am blinded by the light, ruined by despair

In the forest there's that darkness which looks like me
Aeons and aeons passes by yet I will remain
Timeless, nameless watcher, supreme, omnipotent decay

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Composição: Mikael Omega Sanctum. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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