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Small Is Beautiful Too


Say to me: why?
Why did you leave? Why can't you tell?
My life is becoming a perfect hell
and if it's all up to me, not up to you,
I'm wondering what to do.
Play catch again, it's not ok
and these colder days, vanished my space.
So, when does it all end? Where are you?
Why won't you write?
Why can't you see, that there's something wrong?
Why won't you write for your perfect song?
Why can't you change? Why do I care?
"Hope to see you soon"- the perfect trick
'cause I know then, you will give me your coat,
the same that I always keep.
I don't know exactly what to say [I really don't],
but everything's going to be ok.
I tell you why, I can't breath:
I'm always thinking without greed.
More I won't tell. This is all:
two weeks without a call and three points for knowing all.
If you stop right now, you will change...
but you've realized that you can't stop it right now.

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