I'm on the verge of collapse
I'm on the brink of disaster
And I'm far more lost than I want to admit

I'm at the end of my rope
I'm on the edge of a breakdown
And no matter how tightly I hold on, I still slip


And you're watching me die
Right in front of your eyes
And if you turned your back on me

I wouldn't be surprised
There's no new story to tell
It's every man for himself
As brick by brick
We construct our own personal hell

I'm running out of time
I'm running out of options
And the desperation is chewing me up inside

I've got nowhere to go
I've got no one to turn to
Just accelerating, inescapable decline


I'm suffocating with guilt
Asphyxiating on panic
And I can't shake off this fear with which I'm bound

I'm buried up to my neck
I'm sinking under the water
And the next wave could be the one that brings me down


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