this current's slow but it's strong enough to make you choke / I'm sorry but
I'm gone / a year of waiting is far too long / the things I want / the things I
have / they don't add up / it's time I took a stab straight to the heart of the
feelings I perceive / I can't stay here when Seattle's pulling at my knees /
but when you give you get and I'm not giving in / but what you give you get /
will I give up again / I faced the facts of where I'm heading towards / and
it's not where I want to be / I'll turn my back / making my own path / look for
me on a flyer / that's when you know that I'll be back / I know you'll wonder
how I get by with these long drives and sleepless nights / so many rest stop
fights / but we'll keep driving on in the currents / what you give you get / am
I giving in / what you get you gave / you gave it all away / well it's safe to
say / I'm not coming home!

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