Foto do artista Azumanga Daioh

Time Pavement (translation)

Azumanga Daioh

Such an easy rhythm ticking
It's the sound of the clock
The little bird gently beckoning

What a strange class
I wonder where everyone is
Time to drift off

Knowing that today's dream is for today
I feel I can do anything in a dream
When the tiny girl flies out to the sky
Then the time pavement is here

Feathers grow fluffy
Even though a clock
She is doing an arabesque with wings

When the dream world wavered
Back at my desk
Everyone was staring at me intently

Who laughed at whose dozing off?
See, it's a certainty that
The window letting in a returning cool breeze
The time pavement vanished again

Today I laughed to see today's dream
Because it was a pleasant dream
The tiny girl in the sky and that person
are becoming friends aren't they? Weren't they cute?

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