Kokoro wa Shoujo de Parachute (translation)

Azumanga Daioh

I'm thought of as
Not seeming lonely; my usual,
Casual nature is sometimes somewhat...
well, A boring thing

A ribbon tied in your hair
And carrying fashionable goods
Anyone can have cute feelings, right?
Then I can, too

How do you stop being on your own?
The heart is a girl's parachute
While waiting at the park,
I realized On my way home (a detour)
Dropping in (on everyone)
Is what I want to do

"This doesn't interest you, does it?"
Do I have a stern image?
I want to be invited, it sounds interesting...right?
Break the ice with a sigh

Is it all right to laugh At a private joke?
Does being a little bit reluctant
make you look like an adult?
But that's not the only thing

Until now I was on my own
The courage to change is a parachute
I have to say the truth is waiting
My usual voice (I can hear it) I
t's like I've begun to run (Look, everyone!)
I'm smiling

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