Angel standing at my cradle
Haunting every thought and every dream
Entering my blood so gently
Like malaria, she flows through me
Now it will be an Arctic summer
I'm a haunted house and no one's home
Now it will be an Arctic summer
I'm the wolf that walks alone

Softly, softly slow but surely
Time erodes the memories of pain
The sun is dripping in the ocean
With it drowns another day
The wind is cold, it blows and blows
A hurricane into my soul
Like Jericho, when trumpets blow
My kingdom falls and winter calls my name

It will be an Arctic summer
Waiting for the ice to thaw again
Now it will be an Arctic summer
Loving you the hardest way
And rivers flow and sunsets glow
With shooting stars and tides of gold
But all I know, is ice and snow
Without your love there's nothing left at all
Nothing left at all, nothing left at all

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Composição: HOVINGTON / PAUL TERENCE / Statham / STEPHEN ANTHONY · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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