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Velut Luna

Banda Cartoon

This is the first time that I feel within my heart
Have never been so much sure in my entire life
Just like the times when people used to draw in sand
And watch the gentle waves to carry those hearts to the tide

I knew that would be beside you untill the end of times
Since the very first moment that I laid my eyes on you
You made me wish regret from all that I've done wrong
And I Just can't let go a feeling so pure!

Yes, I do, I fell in love with you
Yes, I do, I fell in love with you
And you'll see that in the end, when all the rest is gone
I'll still be standing there, next to you!

Watch this dream come true under the bright velvet moon

And this place we are seems far beyond reality
A never witnessed emotion took us this far
It's the magic power of a life that's yet to be
Inside God's love that's where we are

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