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Alberich's Blues

Banda Cartoon

Alberich's Blues

I have lost my freedom
To a dark trunk carved in wood
I fell in a trap armed by my
Dear friend Robin Hood

But now he's gonna see what I have done inside that cage
The plan, it is so good, that everyone will call me sage

I've heard about a hammer and the damage it can make
After 20 years of bad luck, I am here and I can't wait…

'Cause with the power of that hammer
I can have whatever I want
I can fund a new religion
In which I'd be the chosen one

I'm gonna wait until the night falls down,
If there's party they'll need a clown and that will be me,
Crawling, sneakily through the corridors
In the king's bedroom I will open the door…
I'll grab the hammer and runaway
Making no noise, so no one can hear me say…
I'm the best of the world, the best you've ever heard!

And then I'll start my revenge…
Robin Hood, to some place in the future I'll send
He might regret maybe die in the end
Then all the demons I'll set free, this world will be mine.

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