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Skit: Soulmate


Jimin: I think as soon as the red light turns on(everyone's baffled)
Namjoon: That red light makes everyone nervous
Jimin: You're nervous?
You were snoring in the car (when the recording light was on)
Yoongi: Until now, i don't even know what to do for the skit

Namjoon: It was all so spontaneous
Taehyung: Seriously, what should we do?
Yoongi: I don't even know what to do anymore for this skit
Taehyung: What should we do?
Seokjin: Do something really cringing
Yoongi: I don't even know what to do now
Hoseok: Let's talk about our ideal type then
Taehyung: Hyung, what is your ideal type?

Hoseok: Me? A girl like you
(Seokjin: How is it that our words are all so honest
Taehyung: Really? Seriously?
Hoseok: I wanna bite you Namjoon
Bangtan shall be promoting as a 5-member group from now on
Yoongi: I will kill both of you today and just perform as a 5 member group

Seokjin: Shut up
Hoseok: Yes
Yoongi: This skit is going nowhere
Members: Hello Bang PD: Sit down. What are you doing?
Supreme boi: Excuse me?
Bang PD: What are you doing now?
Supreme boi: We are recording now of course
Bang PD: Did you work till dawn?
Supreme boi: No, not till dawn
But it seems like we can wrap it all up soon

Bang PD: Why are you snickering?
Supreme boi: .What?
Bang PD: Why are you smiling?
Supreme boi: Because we are recording right now
Band PD: Ah You're doing the skit now?
Hoseok: What should we do for the skit?
Supreme boi: We were recording the skit
When he came in. Now, I plan to just use this as the skit

Yoongi: That's a good idea. Lets just use this as the skit
Seokjin: A special guest Hoseok
Boss, what should we do for the skit then?
Namjoon: Please suggest a few things Hoseok
Please suggest a few things for the skit Seokjin
Say a few words before you leave

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