A human form with no time to cry
his fresh skin now begins to rot
became a corpse in the dawn of life
none expected it, death has no hour.

An early sorrow
loaded by impotence
Soul scars
that never disappear.

Torn illusions lie deep in you
changing the craddle into a box
Entomb the body, meanwhile rage grows.
A joke of fate that is poor fun

Baptized in tears to grow in nowhere
unnamed creature born to be buried
Cruel laws rule our wretched existence
when life begins then comes decay.

Strangled, undernourished,
drowned by his mother´s blood.

Nobody did nothing for your son
What god helped you to save him?

Lies, thousand lies
no one knows what you feel
You´re alone with the pain
he´s ten feet underground.

God has failed
no messiah goes to rise him from the dead
Human science is a mess
you knew it before
A black bird flies and sets your soul on its nest
Now you know we live and die so lone.

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