Voices without mouth invoking my name
by whispers from inside
Turning slowly and painly my eyes
backwards my brain
Shadows of fears I once forgot
touch me again
Relentless nightmares kill me awake
they burn my thougths

Ravens fly aroun my mind
self-destruction from within
Ghostly reason burial
darkened rising of my ghoul

Skull skies are falling in noiseless crash
the scars have been torn
Cerebral mass spill through my ears
I can´t contain
Mental disorder or visions of death
what´s going on to me
I won´t return, I passed beyond the sanity realms

Ravens fly …

A lonesome anguish enhance the feel
of rotten hands reaping my soul
Emptiness is growing here
where no science can behold

My head is like a pot of worms
creeping slowly untill it burst
Deceitful knowledge about the life
has turned my ego in an endless void

No exorcism, no electric shock
my soul desease has no cure
Agony my eyes reflect
I loose control, I´ve lost myself

Stunted forms in hateful dance
walk in circles into my chest
My pounding heart will explode
I´m breaking at my seams.

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