Somke on the horizon filters a blood red sun
Distant storms of strife echo as thunderous guns
The kingdom of war still claiming more souls
While remnants of the battle lie unbucted in the cold

Artillery has had its say with black power words
Infantry and cavalry their (truth) from above
Warship guns send their message far offshore

Defiant and proud
Death's burning shroud

Feverish prayers whispered with a mouth
Face down in a foxhole with dried blood
Trying to satisfy a code of honour
And where upon my oath I must forever fight!

On war-torn blood drenched hallowed ground
I stand alone gazing after (the) horrifying sounds
Acts of bravery claimed by every war
The ultimate sacrifice doesn't offer us a choice

A growing conflict deep within my pounding heart
A wrenching pain numbed by the droning smart
Who is it created this sleepless hell?
Why are they not here to fight as well?

The gods of war loose their thunderous creed
Is this sacrifice my final deed?
Who has won if nothing has been gained
Conflagaration and death again stake their claim

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