The Prayer Of A Happy Housewife


when i look around it makes me wonder
am i worthy of the most amazing life that i've
been given
did not care before but i'm older
i see things in a different light
my grateful thoughts i raise to heaven

thank you for letting me dream and hope
thank you for this man who's always been true
and i do know that i'm lucky to be this strong

'cause some of us our weak
if they only knew
oh if they knew...

when i walk the streets it makes me wonder
am i deserving of the most amazing home
that i've been given
all the cardboard boxes are much colder
and when i watch our children grow
my grateful thoughts i raise to heaven

guide me and help me to carry on
i don't have to ask 'cause you've always seen
me through
i am eternally thankful for what i have
and if anything goes wrong
then i still have you
i still have you

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