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The Revenge Of Blood On Ice


Fifteen years have passed
Every day the woods have cried
The words of vengeance and revenge
The gods have watched him day and night
By the northern stars bright light
Growing stronger, coming nearer

Upon a steed as white as snow
He is riding through this land of no return
His hair blowing in the wind
A sword in his hand
And his eyes they burn

Guide me, my ravens, find the way
Through the woods and snow

Let your eyes be mine seeking for the valley of death
Come this far, I am willing to face the twin-headed beast's breath

Let your wings be my heart
In the air, black as night
I have steel at side, powers of thunder
The gods with me ride

I trust in my ravens, watching from above
Black as night, swift as lightning
And graceful as doves

I trust in my stallion, born by the wind
Taking me through the valley
Where this world ends, and the shadows begin

I trust in my sword, forged in fire and ice
It's sharp blade shall be baptised in blood
As I take the beast's life

Cry, old crow, cry
Come out of the darkness you beast of hell, face me
Out on this field of moonlit snow
I will not be deterred by your ugliness
Before my sword your two heads will roll

I will not let my sword rest until it's steel
Has song for your ugly twin heads
I'll wipe the sweat off my face with your bloody scalps
And watch your four eyes telling me that you're dead

Gathering speed, charging forward
Collision is close now
The swords are drawn, held high
They flash in the pale blue moonlight

Aiming at throats bare, the moment is so near
The time seems to halt for a while
Even the stars in the sky hold their breath

This is the moment of glory or death

The moment to maim or to be put to rest

So close now I almost can hear the black blood
In the beast's thick veins pumping
I am swinging my sword, may the gods be with me

I ride out through the vast portals of hel
I swing my sword in the air
And the dead beast's two bloody scalps attached to a spear

Now is come the moment for me to set free
Those, a long time ago, brought far north
By the twin-headed beast

On that daybreak when the old crow did cry

That hard winter when I, still a child
By my father was told of a hall way above the clouds
Gates open wide for the one who dies with sword in hand

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Enviada por Ismene e traduzida por Brunney. Revisão por Johnnatan. Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.


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