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Hot On The Heels Of Heartbreak

Beautiful South

If you could pull yourself away from that mess
Surely if you could pack a punch then you can pack a dress
Cause hot on the trail of self-pity is wilderness
Like hot on the heels of heartbreak is happiness

It's an uphill struggle just to be yourself
And if I climb too far I'll end up on the shelf
When sorry's have been said and tears, tears have dried
I'm still the easy route to easy ride

If you could just have a good word with yourself
COnvince yourself you're you and no-one else
Restore your confidence and your pride
A soldier don't need no-one by their side

It seems as though there's only me to blame
Pushover must be my middle name
Just because he flushed love down the drain
Doesn't mean your little heart can't be reclaimed

And I know that what I've chosen is second best
And if the passport was there then I'd say yes
But departure leaves a fully feathered nest
And this easy bird is easily impressed
This easy bird is easily impressed

Your little wings broken, nest destroyed
The love that he talked of, null and void
If you knew you were a plaything with which they toyed
Your little heart would now be the employed

Next time I choose to love I'll take good aim
Miss out on his sweet talk and his blame
Then when I miss the target I can't complain
It's only the sure-shot actually feels the pain
It's only the sure-shot actually feels the pain

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