Foto do artista Being As An Ocean

Forgetting Is Forgiving the I

Being As An Ocean

Where our thoughts are, there we'll live.
Whether it be misery or joy, both of which Life freely gives.
Languish in the mire of the past or steel our resolve
and leave the darkness at our back.

Stand firm in the face of our sins,
owning up to all of it, self-aware.
Forgiving our shared part in it,
regret and death could never win.

A simple laying down of pride could spring a well of new
Life, but still we stay obstinate. We clench our fists tight.
If the past be our only present, then so becomes our future,
stained black with resentment, infected from picking at the sutures.

Character actors writing their own screenplays, stopping to wonder why all their roles are the same. We continue to play the victim.

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