There can be so much tragedy in a smile
Such desperation in embrace
We all ache for a taste of humanity
As the widow for one last glimpse of her beloved’s face
We all ache
We all long for security
Sanctuary, belonging
What then prompts the heart of stone?
Often the object of overlooked affections
To slash and burn, before the harvest reaps what was sewn
To look half-themselves in the eyes
See the scars on their skin
And continue to not pay fucking attention

Like street lamps, we glow so dim
Like four walls you shut me in
Like street lamps, we glow so dim
(Shattered people, shatter hopes)
Like four walls you shut me in
(Don’t be misery’s company)
​ni em tuhs ouy sllaw ruof ekiL

If only more of us would only choose to look back
Contemplate those springs of youth
Recollections of laughter
Recall that sense of wonder, when nothing else seemed to matter
Time has a funny way of coercion
Tricks us into thinking that our past dreams
Were only passing lunacies better scattered to the wind
Lamenting: I’ll never love like my first, though I’ve forgotten their kiss
I’ll never truly be happy, though I can’t remember the joys of heaven
I can’t stop paying attention
I swear I’ll keep remembering

Like street lamps, we glow so dim
(Due to the shade in which we’re placed)
Like four walls you shut me in
(Homes were never meant to be prisons)

So every time I pick up a mic
I pray my words only serve to remind
This life is what we make of it
Though we can feel so trapped in our own minds
From every morning’s breath, we can choose
End the cycles of self abuse
I’ll embrace the vulnerable
I’ll embrace the broken

We can only know what we’re shown, and I know that love is worth the risk
Blood is thicker than the water of the womb
Let me kiss the scars on your wrists
And no matter who has told you differently
You are worth everything
You are worth everything

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