Can't eat, can't sleep
I can't hold you like i want to
No i can't slip into your heart

(you) don't smile, you don't breath
You won't hold me like you used to
I can't wait until it's dark

Woah, i can't dream without you baby (by my side)
Woah, i can't dream without you yet. but i'll try

So many ways, so many days,
So many pointless details
So much wasted, what went wrong?

Some of them stay, some of them say
'There's way too much of a good thing'
But i never stick around that long

Take me, take me somewhere
Going nowhere is the way i feel when you
Hold me, underwater, and i'm drowning
With your 'not quite yet's
Take me... take me somewhere... take me... take me away...

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