If i had everyone i know in my own little box
If they were laid out before me like so many precious rocks
If the lonely wind started to'blow colder,
I'd put one on my shoulder
Put if they ever started lying or they're fighting or just cryin'
I could toss 'em in that box of mine and they'd be gone
Gone, gone, gone (they'd be gone, gonegonegone)

If i'd my own little darkroom with all my thoughts
In black and white in the basement, hung up beneath the clocks
I'd always know what it was i was thinking
Even if i'd been drinking
If i ever felt enveloped by a thought that i 'd developed
I'd just crop it up and sell it and then fella's well it'd be gone
I tell ya gone, gone, gone

If i could just hold on, to everything
I could just hold on, and nothing would go missing
If i can just hold on
I will have everything

If i had all of our words reeled below me on tape
I could just stop and eject if i needed to escape
And if i ever just needed some company
It'd be spinning in front of me
But if there ever was a word that you had said i don't deserve
Then i could take it and then splice out what i heard and then it'd be gone - gone, gone, gone

I will collect you
Bit by bit, one by one
I will collect you
Piece by piece, stone by stone
I will collect you.. bone by bone

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