I was looking at
Leaves and acrobats and
Gourds and scarecrows and the faces of the fall

I'm willing to bet
Someday I'll forget
How to love a leaf or love something at all

I'm considering
Choices that have led
To this and what it is I'm working toward
Things I loved but can't do anymore

I was swimming in
Cheap wood panelling
And differences that live inside my doors

I was thinking
Of faces in my head
Of people that I loved so hard before

I've be sinking in
Couches in my head
And girls that kissed me on my face before
Ones I loved but don't know anymore

I was living in
Tv show curtains
In bedroom in the houses of my friends

I'm considering
The ways beginnings end
And if I would die to be born again

I've been breathing in
Ghosts and oxygen
Of people in a sad and gaseous form
Ones I loved but can't see anymore

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