In a whirlpool of love the spiral takes you down
To the bottom of the sea
There's not enough air
The devil licks his knife
Locked tied arms in the air
The devil may care
But i don't
Things have been great in my century
Explosions and fires but i'm tired
It's not that bad a way to go
It was the way it was meant to be
How terrifying now that i'm climbing
It couldn't be any better timing
The touch of someone else's hand
I promise to never regret again
In a whirlpool of love the spider sinks its fangs
Takes the memory from the brain
There's nothing to say
Alive or dead would be the same
A dull man will only stare
The devil may care
But i don't
Oh hope hope and your sister
Work your magic send your gamma rays
Through your display cage
Blind its white rage
And give the weak a chance to explore
And become strong and late in the evening
We will destroy
The devil may care but i don't
I don't

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