When you're running for dear life and there's nowhere else to turn
When a candle's left alone on fire something just might burn
It's called fear
Eating what's left inside
When the current moves you quickly and steers you to the rocks
When a mailman wears a mask and brings a ticking box
It's called fear
Leaving marks on the body

Leaving one hash mark every time you saw me
There's a stranger in the lobby
There were footsteps on the roof
But there is no proof or reason not to hide
And that's the gospel truth

When fire comes like rain and all the fish float to the top of the sea
When animals start to talk when a red horse begins to scream
Fear fear fear

It pours blood into every dream
Turning midnight into daydreams
The water has turned to red
Someone you know might be dead
But that's not a nice thing to have said

Be sure to look under your bed
It's hard being alone when you ain't got no home
So maybe there's no bed at all

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