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Sleeping Beauty

Beborn Beton

Give me a reason why I should give in
I've got nothing more to conceal
Call me ignoring or intolerant
It's just in the way that you see it
Then I recall days gone by
And images I left behind
No acting for purpose that has to be served
No smile on my face
When there's nothing but hate in my mind

For the tears in your eyes
I will no longer try
To hold on to the past
And there´s nowhere to hide
From that smile on your face
From the tears in your eyes

When I'm alone I keep asking myself
Am I right? - could it be that I'm wrong?
Far too much seen and too many things done
And too many hopes that have gone
So it may be true what they're telling me now
That the old times were simply the best
But there is nothing I have to regret
And I couldn't tell what I like more
When it comes to the test

Women surround me and neon-lights shine
I am trapped but I feel that I'm high
Beautiful lady is smiling at me
And she gives me a blink of an eye
Waking from dreams and reality brings
Me back home to a warm fire place
Where my beauty lies sleeping and I hold her tight
In my arms and the smile on her face
Is the smile of a bride

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