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Out of sight and out of mind, when you look at yourself do youfind
Everything you want to be or do you see what I see.
Too late to change your life, step outside and say good-bye
To everything you left behind, what you seek you may not find.

As I shed my skin, I leave you behind
As I shed my skin, I go on to a better life.

Indecision fills my head, all the things I left unsaid,
My heart is letting go, my pain you'll never know.
If you love something set it free, what I love you took fromme.
Try to look, but you can't see, try to put the past behind me.

How could you think it lasts forever, I sit and watch as youdecline
Can't you see it's gone forever, out of sight and out of mind.

Twisted, broken, I sit and watch as you decline
Help me, help yourself, out of sight and out of mind.

I see you now on a different plane; broken, used up, pathetic, inpain,
You scream and fight, deny the shame, your selfish heart is theone to blame.
So much time has filled the space since we've been standing faceto face.
Wasted breath I've tried to explain, still I see not a thing haschanged.

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