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Secrets of the American Gods

Blind Guardian

(Keep faith, keep faith, in barren wonder)
Great Lord, your love's divine
I spread your grace
I share your light

For the shores of Hell were burning
In purgatory's smell
Went a preacher with a crucifix
Brought mayhem and despair
So here comes a new god, be brave
A gospel illusion, the breeding of sin, I'll carry life
Come share this grace, come share our pain
Somehow we're not one yet somehow we're the same
Now strong in blue, it shall begin
Soon forgotten with the ring

Hail, nice to meet you
Another newborn stranger
I'm so glad you have made it
Somehow you've made it
Welcome to the promised land

There are no sights, there are no miracles (Shall spare no names)
You should not reveal (For the American Gods)
The secrets of the American Gods
Just hold to infinity (No one cares for names)
You can't escape, better hide now
The secrets of the American Gods

So when I look upon
These fields of misery
Who would not sacrifice a son?
My son is now gone
We share our tricks, we share our oaths
Discarded plans, distorted use
It's dripping blood fields
It's what this land needs
Life's creeping back at you, back at you

Sadly to say, but
Oh, there is no guiding spark
So bright, you're blazing starlight
And we are watching you, watching you
Stranger in a newborn land

Of formless Gods and warlock miracles (All these fields of crows)
You should not reveal (From the American Gods)
The secrets of the American Gods
Just hold to infinity (No one cares for names)
You better bow down, praise the new lords
The secrets of the American Gods

Take a look at yourself
All behold, here's another trick
But now in light of hope and glory
It is time to close your eyes, I shall live
All sticks of the stem shall
Resurrect these moments gone
Contemplate desire
An eternal flame's burning down
Don't be scared, follow the plan
All lives can stream like birds singing
Behold your Father of violence
The one-eyed god is sad

I thought you'd know that
The greatest liar is telling you the total truth
I thought you'd know that
I'm your master, stranger in an unknown land

Of roaring silence dead and miracles (Bloody fields, bloody roots)
I will now reveal (For the American Gods)
The secrets of the American Gods
Just hold to infinity (No one cares for names)
The moment is right, you should cry out
The secrets of the American Gods

The American Gods
Yes, we travel all alone
A new play, a new scene
Dripping blood seals the deal
When we enter a new world
Stranded we're wandering
Time, time means nothing
To the American Gods
No more sorrows
Praise the American Gods
You are burning
Yes, you are burning
Oh, you must conquer your fear
You better save yourself
But now obey the American Gods
You better save yourself

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Composição: André Olbrich / Hans Kürsch. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Enviada por MetalGirl. Legendado por Wesley. Revisões por 2 pessoas . Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.


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