It's Alright

Bob Marley

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The sun shall not smite I by day
Nor the moon by night
And everything that I do
Shall be upfull and right
And if it's all night
It got to be (alright!)
So good to you (all night)
Got to be (alright!)

I'm a not lose this one
I'm the lucky one under the sun.
If you make me move
Then you know you got to groove:
I do ya like it, I do ya like it
Do ya do ya do ya do you?
If it's all night
Got to be (alright)
I'm workin (all night)
Got to be (alright)

See, I work for my pay (all night, alright)
Night and day (all night)
Work for my pay (alright) night and day (no, no, no, no, no no, ooh)
Can't you feel it (no, no, no, no, no, no, ooh)
Can't you feel it (no, no, no, no, no, no, ooh)
If it's, if it's, if it's, it's got to be (alright!)
If it's (all night), if it's (alright!)
Do you like it (all night, alright)
I talk old, square our fold (whoa whao!)
Break it back, tear a drop
Whipe a tears a from your eyes?, and don't ya cry
Wipe them lonely tears, baby
I'll tell you why
If it's all night, it got to be (alright!)
If it's all night, got to be (alright!)
(All night) know that I'm a stranger
In your town