Started a war when I quit school
Broke my mama's heart and my daddy's rule
I was as wrong as my new tattoo
But folks are cool and some folks ain't
I hit the road had it all figured
Hitched a ride on a semi southbound
Though I'd just float around
But you can't float far
On a hundred and some change
I damn sure left that town for good
Just to prove I could

Got me a job didn't pay very much
But saved up enough for an old fixer upper
Motor was strong and she had good rubber
On secondhand tires all the way around
Bucket of rust that looked like hell
Was the butt of the jokes my buddies would tell
Until the day that Jenny Thompson fell
For me and that rumbling muffler sound
Drove a poor boy's truck
Through a rich girl's neighborhood
Just to prove I could

Hell bent on a hell bound road
I went further than she wanted to go
Kept hitting the gas
She was hitting the brakes
I took some innocence
That wasn't mine to take
Wasn't one for going slow
God I wish she'd have told me no
Lost a life of love
For a night of feeling good
Just to prove I could

Can't put my finger on
The day the whiskey
Stopped going down wrong
I was as weak as it was strong
When I crawled up inside that glass
I had a friend try to pull me out
Lord knows where he is now
He told me I ought to put it down
And I told him to kiss my ass
I dropped him right there where he stood
Just to prove I could

Hell bent on a hell bound road
My whole life spinning out of control
It wasn't his business anyway
I was too drunk to fight
And way too gone to stay
Wasn't one for backing down
God I wish he'd have stood his ground
Looked past a friend
Looking out for my own good
Just to prove I could

You can only go on so long
Losing yourself before your gone
And there's no one left
To tell you you're wrong
And it's up to you to get it right
There's those that said I never would
But I finally started living like I should
Just to prove I could

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