Fuck all your vanity, shame on your family
Death to your friends and the ones that you love
No one containing me, utter calamity
See what you made me do? Look what you done
Teamsesh, deadboy, drop it on your head boy
Never not cashed, make a mountain of ash
Every day of the past I dread boy
I stumble over my own feet, too high to function
I'm coming, open up my catalog, I've done it
To be humble, you say you underground, but you just under
Honest, every time we drop we got them running

Warning, warning, warning, warning
Warning, warning, warning, warning
This is a message from john
If you're receiving this message, you're in the blast zone
Cities within forty miles are infected
You must seek shelter immediately

Yeah, you can talk, but, no, you can't hide
Engine that couldn't bitch you cannot ride
The track that I'm on is for the divine
Dead boys multiply then divide
Whitenoise on the screen, make me blind
Sesh is the one that I trust now
I got no need for a bust down
Used to be down, but I'm up now

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