There's a place where the Summer will be
As a legend long gone set free
And this warms me beautifully
Where the Sun cast shadows at night
Where the day and evenings are bright
The place where I belong
Up North!
Where the pine trees meet the sea
Where the stormy sky will sing for me
The place I wanna be
Up north

Fall my favorite season
Death and rain and rain and rain
Falling leaves and fallen stars
As fallen men go back to start
Death as life we hail
Alone but not alone we sail
Death give life and lead the way
All energy remain

Then Winter its you and me
The winter is home to the dead alone
With you I'll sleep with ease
Take a moment to reflect and be
Who you are and you are just another icebergs tip at sea
You will melt eventually
And the ocean will rise and the Sun crystallize you for the aftermath to see
The spark of true eternity
Clean as a new start set me free
In your wisdom I'm lost what do I know of frost
But I trust you know lost is lost
Winter she is unforgiving as faith

And then Spring you will shake
Speed the circle and brake
And create and create and create

And the circle is now complete
No end for an end to meet
Nothing is obsolete
Up North
No end no end for an end to meet
No end no end for an end to meet

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