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A Celebration Upon Completion

Bright Eyes

My grandfather's name was Moon
Because his eyes were bright and round
And no amount of time or liquor could dull them
My grandmother's name was Joy
Bcause it spilled out of her heart
And bathed her precious children in its warmth
And there was happiness in life
Beyond the sorrow and the pain
But how they ever found it I cannot explain
I guess time has a way of making everything all right
It's just there's not enough of it
And so we drink and we sing and we celebrate this life
And hope that it will last
Morning is here and night has passed
My grandfather was a doctor
He cured the sick with his kind hands
And he taught me how to sail and how to find dry land
My grandmother was all sweetness
When she spoke we all heard bells
And they rang in such a way that we were comforted
And they held on to each other
With all the strength they had
And they loved with devotion beyond what I understand
But fear has a way
Of making sleep unbearable
And the days seem cold and long
But we'll cry and we dance
And we stumble into love
In awkward, perfect grace
The moon is gone and the sun has took its place
The moon is gone and the sun has took its place

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