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Motion Sickness

Bright Eyes

There is nothing for
Which I'm responsible
Just this baggage I keep carrying on
As if I had someone
Ok, maybe there is a woman somewhere
Who's still thinking of me
Or a girl with coal black hair
Who's haunted in her dreams
But what they've seen
Well, it wasn't me
It was just some lie
They slept beside
Yeah, I kept this from them
But I can't keep this from you
So will you look for me
In that strange bright place
Where the statues bloom in the park
They don't need no rain
Cause how I ever got to you
I have no idea
It's like some secret door
Well, it just appeared
So, no matter what I do
From now on with my time
You will always stay here
In my mind
I am certain of this
And I am not certain of anything
So I want to get myself attached
To something bolted down
So these winds of circumstance
Won't keep blowing me around
From when I land
To when I leave
There is enough time
To sleep and sing
I keep running around
When all I want is to lay motionless

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