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Come To Christ

Foto do artista Britt NicoleBritt Nicole

You can tell by the way she walks
You can tell by the way she talks
That she needs a friend, yeah
(She's down on her luck again)
Tired of the tears she cries
Happiness has passed her by
Oh, she's near the end

She needs a friend tonight
And his name is Jesus christ
Spinning her wheels round and round
Looking for that solid ground
Going nowhere fast
(She's down on her luck again)
Praying to God he'll make it right
Help her through this endless night
Oh, she needs you, lord

She needs a friend tonight
And his name is Jesus christ
Through hard times and struggles
She probably felt like her life was floating away
Like water, soaps and bubbles
But preach is here to let you know you can carry your weight
Cuz you're a soldier, keep carrying your weight
Girl, you're gettin' stronger
All things work for the good for those what love the lord

Just spread your wings and start to soar
And anytime you need a friend, preach is standing here
But guess what? I have a friend, his name
Is Jesus christ and he really cares
Baby girl, it's alright to cry, just knows that
Everything in your life will be alright
Just put your life in the hands of Jesus christ

And everything sour will be sweet as pies, no lies, it's the truth, girl
Just come to christ and everything will be alright
No need to flip out, act a fool, and start crazy fights, you're wrong
But brittany here is gonna help you get right
B-dub, I'm sure you have more to say, right?
Just come to christ
And he'll be your friend, yeah
(You got to, you got to, you got to)

Composição: Alan Grossman / Britt Nicole / Jimm Mosher / Woods · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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